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About Lisa Stewart Designs
Lisa Stewart Designs is a multifaceted design studio founded and run by EC (Lisa) Stewart that creates beautiful and functional artwork which is all based on Lisa’s unique calligraphic illustration technique.

At Lisa Stewart Designs, we believe that beautiful art should be a part of everyones life and our fine art, fashion accessories and gifts are specifically designed to enhance ones personal sense of style and sophistication. Everything that Lisa Stewart Designs develops and sells, starts with the unique calligraphic illustrations of it’s founder, artist Lisa Stewart. Depending on the specific illustration and the opportunities it presents, the image can then be applied to products ranging from framed art prints to personal accessories and customized gift items.

Lisa Stewart Designs initially formed as an independent design studio supporting small business clients with graphic and web design services as well as marketing and branding support. Over the years it has evolved to focus exclusively on creating and selling artwork and products that feature Lisa Stewart’s calligraphic imagery, patterns and designs.

Founded in 2001, Lisa Stewart Designs combines the unique artistic talents of Lisa Stewart with the product design and development capabilities of her husband, Andrew Hayden, to create an outstanding team that know what discerning customers want.

Media Kit
Lisa’s Bio (PDF) · One Sheet (PDF)

About the Kanji Stamp
The Japanese Kanji stamp represents the name “Lisa.” Years ago, my good friend Sayuri designed this Kanji character for me because of my curiosity of Japanese identity. Wanting to use this Kanji character in a creative way, it made sense to apply it upon creating the CalligraphyCats. Now, I make sure that every art piece created by me has the character attached somewhere.

P.S. No two Kanjis are the same; I think of it like DNA. If you’re name is Lisa, be sure to consult with someone from the Japanese culture to ensure the best suitable Kanji for you. I guarantee that your Kanji will be different and just as beautiful.

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