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BrandFather, Seamster, & Culinary Alchemist

Andrew Hayden is an award winning-designer and marketing professional with over a decade of senior level experience working in numerous industries. Combining an educational background in both product design and fine arts with a master’s degree in business, he has successfully married design and business to bring a unique perspective and methodology to every project he works on. After graduating with a degree in Industrial Design and Fine Arts from Syracuse University, Andrew set out to be a starving artist and designer, unfortunately he soon discovered that he did not starve well and made the decision to go back to school and get a slightly more marketable degree, this time in business.

Focusing on Marketing as an MBA student at Emory University, Andrew was soon applying design principles to business problems. This unique approach has served him well throughout his career, and is the foundation that he brings to every project he works on. Since graduating from business school, Andrew has worked for a variety of companies both large and small and added these experiences to his understanding of business, marketing and communications.

His experience includes Global Marketing positions with Coca-Cola and Duff-Norton, as well as global marketing, communications and public relations at IBM. He oversaw the brand development of Home Director, the IBM Home Networking brand spun off in 1999 and worked as an executive for Zoom Culture, a television production start-up, during its second round of venture funding. Along the way he has worked on the client side with some of the largest agencies in the world including Ogilvy & Mather, Landor Associates, McAnn Ericsson, Citigate Cunningham Public Relations and TSI Public Relations as well as a host of smaller agencies and professional service firms.

Combining this vast business experience with the design background gives Andrew a unique way of looking at business issues and problems and unmatched creativity when coming up with a solution. He also brings this same level of creativity to his personal life where he is constantly working on remodeling projects at home, successfully dabbles in gourmet cooking and is continuously frustrated by a retrograde Golf handicap.

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