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Artist Statement
The calligraphic gesture series transcribes and documents the relationship of kinetic movement within time.

The work explores movements of animals, people, and objects. The gestures are purified through calligraphic line revealing only the essence of expression while maintaining spontaneity. The animals and objects become symbols and iconography that serve as a foundation for further complex study. 

By editing the illustration into few lines allows the gestalt of the mass to balance with the imbued perspective of the calligraphic line. The juxtaposition of line and mass promote a harmony of movement and fixed suspension.

About the Art
Lisa’s fine art and gifts are inspired by travel, infusing the beauty of other cultures and innovating past techniques with today’s modern applications.

Through simplicity, elegance and sophistication, purified gestural images give the viewer a brief respite from the complications of life. Animals and objects become the symbols and iconography that serve as a paradigm for all of Lisa’s art. This hallmark approach to calligraphic illustration maintains a fresh, contemporary, and spontaneous lightheartedness.

The love of gesture drawing, inspired calligraphic techniques from all over the world and the ability to express the essence of the movement with very few lines is central to Lisa’s designs. Once distilled, the elegant image has the ability to stand on its own as distinguished showpiece or to fuse together into complex and beautiful formations.

Lisa’s art appeals to sophisticated enthusiasts around the World and encompasses a broad range of products that include home décor, wall art, jewelry, fashion accessories, leather goods and more.

In addition, Lisa frequently donates her time, talent, products, and a portion of her sales proceeds to benefit local pet rescue agencies.