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Bacchus came to us as a 6 week old kitten when we first began dating as a couple back in the Spring of 2001. Bacchus is the littermate (and twin) to his elusive brother, Cheshire. Eros, our resident Silhouette of Doom, needed playmates and thus, the twins were blended into the clan.

Upon opening the crate in the living room, Bacchus lept out with kitten enthusiasm and headed straight to the wine bar. Playing among the wine bottles near the floor, he earned his name early. Cheshire, on the other hand, found the nearest crevasse and hid. With two eyes and a smile peering back from the darkness, it took an impromptu fish on a stick made by Andrew (ala dowel, string, and a leather tag ripped from my jeans) to coax Cheshire out from under the dishwasher.

The first year, I reminisced how much I enjoyed dressing up my kittens as a kid and threatened to do the same to the boyz. Andrew finally relinquished his manly hold and assisted in what was known to become 3WiseCats & Company. Costumes were designed and constructed for the mini-expose on what cats would bring if they were the designated kings to the infamous birth.

It was just a month later when the origin of the legendary CalligraphyCats came to pass. Calligraphic feline mayhem ensued and took over our lives all because Bacchus had to tap into the inner kitten and chase that ball of yarn. Year later, Bacchus has grown into what I refer to as the ‘large fat, spotty lipped, tabby cat’, and continues to provide fodder for a continued series called, “FatCat: PawpArt.”

Since the CalligraphyPets® inception, our small litter has seen bittersweet growth and loss and continue to remain inspired by their primal and comical ways of enjoying life. Stay tuned for further developments in our clan and the inspiration they provide to new art and products.

Artist Statement about the CalligraphyPets

The calligraphic gesture series transcribes and documents the relationship of kinetic movement within time.

The work explores movements of animals, people, and objects. The gestures are purified through calligraphic line revealing only the essence of expression while maintaining spontaneity. The animals and objects become symbols and iconography that serve as a foundation for further complex study.

By editing the illustration into few lines allows the gestalt of the mass to balance with the imbued perspective of the calligraphic line. The juxtaposition of line and mass promote a harmony of movement and fixed suspension.


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