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Beautiful Pure Breed Dog Products For Every Pet Lover Now Available from ECStewart Designs
Wall Art, Art Cards, Jewelry, Journal Covers and More offer something for every dog lover.

March 14, 2010 – Raleigh, NC. We all love our pets, and ECStewart’s new line of pure breed dog imagery and products are the perfect way for everyone to express their passion.This new line of illustrations and products from renowned artist EC (Lisa) Stewart, dog lovers everywhere can show their love through artwork, jewelry, note cards and journal covers.


As with all ECStewart product lines, it all starts with the elegant calligraphic illustrations for which the artist is best known. The new Pure Breed Dog line starts with a beautiful 8×10 calligraphic illustration as a fine art print that is representative of the best qualities of each breed. These illustrations are placed on an Arts and Crafts background which is color coordinated to the classification of the breed: working, herding, hound, sporting, non-sporting, toy, & terrier.

In addition, Lisa Stewart Pure Breed Dog illustrations are also available as:

  • Fine pewter necklaces featuring each breed specific illustration with archival fine art prints set in resin and a color coordinated satin cord. The perfect way for dog lovers to take their pet wherever they go.
  • ECStewart Pure Breed Dog Art Cards. Each featuring a small version of the prints applied to a blank greeting card. These are a great way to announce a new pet, brag about your dog, or just show ones passion for their favorite breed.
  • Suede Moleskine Journal Covers that feature the dog illustrations applied to soft, supple suede. Each journal cover is handmade in the ECStewart studios.

“I grew up with dogs and always loves sketching them and capturing their smiling faces,” said Elizabeth (Lisa) Stewart, CEO and CreativeGoddess of ECStewart Designs, Inc. “This new line of pure breed dog illustrations and associated products is a great way for people to share their passion for their pets beyond just a picture on the wall. The resin necklaces, journal covers and art cards give everyone a variety of ways to enjoy this art and take their beloved pet with them wherever they go.”

Along with the standard prints, greeting cards, jewelry and Journal Covers, ECStewart is also offering customized versions of the Pure Breed Dog Art prints and Art Cards. Through the ECStewart web site, dog lovers can simply and easily ask to have their dog’s name in the header of the appropriate illustration – up to 10 characters. This gives dog lovers, their friends and families a great way to celebrate their favorite pet.

Every fashion accessory and personal item created by ECStewart Designs is hand crafted in the studio by designers Lisa Stewart or Andrew Hayden. The result is that every piece produced is unique with it’s own special story and character. This personal attention also means that quantities of any single design are limited, but if you want something unique, different and beautiful, then ECStewart Designs products are the perfect answer.


To purchase any of these pieces for yourself, please shop on
To purchase any of these pieces for your boutique, please contact Lisa (919-271-0668).

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