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A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about my friends, family, and fans. I’m grateful to all of you and I wanted to take the time to say it. Thank you!

Charming New Yorktober

Meanwhile, I also wanted to share a charming scene we found in NYC last month. On a beautiful Sunday morning, we were taking a leisurely walk in the West Village before brunch and found the most delightful event. Sure, it’s a month late but I knew you’d enjoy reminiscing childhood scenes –and this is why I love Halloween.

Capture & Celebrate

I’m also taking the time to recapture my fans in a new email list host . It’s much more reliable and it allows me to continue to create beautiful new work while the magic email maestro takes care of you.

Celebrate with Discounts and Free Shipping
For those of you who sign up, you automagically get 25 percent off your next order. Oh yah, you also get free ground shipping for US orders over 75 bucks. How cool is that?

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Thanks so much and have a great turkey day!

Lisa & Andrew