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How to Care for Leather

How to Care For Your New Leather
As an organic fabric, leather is porous and some types are just prone to staining.
-Naked leathers – unfinished leathers and vegetable tanned leathers- are all susceptible to absorbing water and oil creating stains.
-Unfinished leathers are prone to staining, thus they will darken with water.
-Finished leathers will not darken when water is applied
-Leather has a pH of 4.5 and most leather cleaners are at 10. This is OK for car leather, but not for handbags.

Pre-Treating Before wearing:
For Leather: Scotch Guard spray and Lovin’ My Bags creme are the very few pre-treatments available.
For Suede: Protective spray without silicone.

For ink, paint, and those created by harsh chemicals: generally cannot be removed but you can initially try with these tips.

Spot Soiling:
We’ve discovered that a white erase (found at office supply) is effective and will generally fix the problem immediately.

Ink Stains:
Do apply white eraser (found at office supply) immediately. Ink migrates into the fibers fast and once it’s set, you’ll need professional care.
Do Not Use:
–Alcohol to remove ink stains.
–Saddle soap as it is very alkaline and will attach the leather finish and affect the pH of the leather.

For liquids:
Do blot with a dry cloth
Don’t wipe.

For powders, dust, or mud:
Do gently use a sponge with some warm water to wipe away the stain on harder leathers.

For suede items:
Use a suede brush to gently brush away the dirt.

For salt-stained leather:
-Do use a soft cloth and warm water to gently remove the salt.
-Do item to dry in a cool, dry place.

For oil stains:
Do use corn starch. Rub it in and let the corn starch absorb the oil. Use a light bulb to create some heat, this will facilitate the absorption of the oil into the cornstarch. Brush off with a soft toothbrush. Repeat until all oil has been removed. This is good for purse handles that have darkened due to hand oils.
-Otherwise, seek professional help.

Water stains:
Can only be fixed by a professional leather technician.

To remove odor from handbags: Place a container of baking soda inside the bag. Heat will help release the odor, so the baking soda can absorb it. Baking soda may need to be changed a couple of times.

What to Avoid While Wearing Leather:
-Spraying hair care products and perfumes can stain and discolor the item beyond repair.
-Take care while drinking coffee or red wine.

-Do store leather in cool, dark room.
-Don’t store in sunlight as this can easily cause leather to fade.
-Don’t store in plastic bags or containers, leather needs room to breathe.

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