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lisastewart-ecofriendlyDo you know our philosophy?
We’re big believers in environmental sustainability. Everything we design and create includes considering every type of material and process we use for our products. Heck, I’ve been using post-consumer waste papers for my original art, prints, and cards long before anyone thought is was chic.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Growing up on a hobby farm taught me many things including the mantra, “It’s better to mend than end.” We apply this principle by using scraps and by-product materials from everything we make. I have brought these lessons with me into my adult life and have incorporated them into my business practices.

We endeavor to:
Use as much of our product materials to get as close as we can to zero waste. As you’ll see, we have an array of product that exemplifies this maxim.

-Large products like handbags are cut first and then we create additional products from the scrap smaller bags, belts, cuffs, and such.

-CalligraphyPets prints, cards, postcards, bookmarks business cards were all printed on one sheet to reduce waste. Some of these postcards are out of date and I recycle them for studio notes.

Use as little hardware as possible. While the rest of the world may love shiny objects (and who doesn’t?), we strive to reduce the number of elements that use precious natural resources and require a non-biodegradable highly toxic process to coat.

-You’ll notice that our bags don’t come with metal feet that can cut through your bag, reducing the life of the bag and your happiness.

We strive to use environmentally-friendly leather.  As a renewable resource and by-product, most of our leathers are produced in Italy and means that the leathers have to comply with Italy’s very strict anti-pollution legislation. Our chrome-free leather have no off-gassing. Dyes, pigments and topcoats used on leathers are water-based rather than petroleum based. Because no harsh cleaning chemicals were used, a longer life means a happier life.

-You’ll notice that our bags don’t include hidden environmental disasters like vinyl to reinforce the leather.

Most importantly: No exotics are used and I draw the line at fur. If fur is used, it will be most definitely upcycled from an old coat, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Every piece is made in our studio by Andrew or myself (Lisa) upon order, further reducing redundancy and waste and in many cases the series is crafted in limited editions or quantity. Our unique bags are designed for the cultivated, stylish woman, and as with wine, get better with age.

Our products see more of the world than we do. From the Bavarian Forest to Russia with love, our bags pack more personality with each woman. Are you one of them?