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You don’t have to send out corny greetings any longer! ECStewart eGreetings postcard app on Facebook has been revitalized!

The ECStewart eGreetings full occasions line begins with spring blossoms I have photographed the past few seasons. My love of macro photography, the beauty of crisp, new flowers coupled with my quintessential calligraphic flourishes, this growing garden of collectible postcards are yours for the picking!


Since you know you’re on Facebook anyway, you might as well make the most of it and impress your friends with one of our elegant cards. Splashed on their wall with a burst of color, these cards show your friends that you care enough -even in the nick-of-time- and I won’t tell!

The bouquet begins with Happy Birthday, Congrats, You Rock, Thank You, and more. Choose any of these elegant images for you mom, dad, sib, colleague, friend, or even an acquaintance!

Plus, they’re free! Who doesn’t love that in this economy?

ecs-fb-pc Make someone’s day special, send your
ECStewart eGreetings today.

Only on Facebook.