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St. Valentine’s Day!

Fortune Cookies


Puppy Love


Tokens of Affection

Protect Your Heart
A Scottish love token that’s historically thought to be used as a protective charm to ward off evil demons, this beautiful entwined heart and crown medallion is also supported by the lucky Mankolam Paisley designed by Lisa.
Make a statement
Love is yours to display aloud with an Aspirations Fine HeArt Print adorning your walls or perhaps a smaller fine heart card to add a bit of spice to your limited loft walls. Got a great friend in need of a sweet charm? Imagine the Pewter Fine HeArt Pendant gracing your neck with satin and sterling detail chain.

Cupid Got Your Tongue?… Gather your sonnets in a sumptuous suede handcrafted, handpainted Luckenbooth Heart Journals adorned with Swarovski Crystals that you’re sure never to put down. Based on the Luckenbooth Heart print, this will quicken your heart beat because the great aspect about this journal is that it’s refillable!

Fun at Home!

What’s Your Valentine’s Day Fortune? Just break open your own homemade fortune cookie to find out. These big-as-fist cookies are full of drama and fun. Be sure to have red paper (8×11) to cut into looong strips and write your own fortunes and be sure add “in bed”!

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