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Sophisticated Artful Living

Lisa Stewart brings you sophisticated and elegant wall art for your home. From classic to contemporary, Lisa is able to transform the calligraphic line into your personal statement while transforming your space into an artful retreat.



Pure Breed Dogs

Uncorked Wine: Spirited Wit

Taking Care of Your Artwork

Hanging and Storage Tips

  • Do not hang in direct sunlight.
  • Try not to hang in excessively damp or cold location.
  • Do not hang over direct heat source – radiators, vents, or near a fireplace (smoke, ashes and heat damage artwork).
  • Never put water on the surface of any painting.

When Transporting

  • To transport, attached corner protectors to the frame and wrap the artwork frame in bubble wrap to protect the frame and acrylic.
  • Do not leave in a hot car, especially in the trunk.
  • Try not to touch surface of art – oil marks from fingers are sometimes difficult to remove.
  • Do not place anything on surface of the artwork and acrylic.

When Cleaning

  • Do Use a microfiber cloth & spray air to clean your framed art with plexi-glass.
  • Don’t Use a window cleaning agent on plexi-glass, it will permanently ruin surface.

When Eliminating Static Cling

  • Use a weak solution of diluted dishwashing liquid into water, wipe the area gently with soft, lint-free cloth.

Our Promise Each art piece is hand inspected by me and I guarantee 100% satisfaction. If you’re not completely delighted -let’s talk. I want you to be proud to show off your new addition.