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Color: Fiery Tulips

Inspiration Color Board – Fiery Tulips
The brilliance of this fiery tulip bouquet caught my eye as I was walking into Wholefoods. Their bulbous heads waving like hands screaming, “Over here! Look at me! Look at me!” How could I resist?

Now it’s time to set your room ablaze with these fiery sets.


I’ve captured both vibrant and muted tones from this photo to show you how you can cultivate your own home using these palettes. I’ve created a guide for both guys and ladies on how to balance both color and space for your abode. Please download the chart shown above for your personal use.

How to use this color chart:
If you’re a guy, you’ll probably lean toward the browns and and greens –and that’s great. Just remember to offset the weightiness of the dark hues with a punch of color, this will add a sense of liveliness to your decor. Plus, you’ll want to balance your space with a bit a feminine charm to keep the yin and yang in check. If you live alone, a bit of organic shapes coupled with your rigid structures will harmonize and welcome in your female friends. If you’re already in a relationship, you’ll want to double check that there’s a bit of both in your space.

Ladies, typically you go a little heavy on the pastels -not that there’s anything wrong with that- but if you’re looking for a little male companionship, you’ll want anchor your airiness with a few dark accent pieces. Also consider adding balance to your ruching and ruffles with a little clean structure. Remember: Sleek lines can also be erotic.

How this translates into Your Space:

Applying Vibrant Hues
This potentially austere design is warmed with hues of  Wet Terracotta. Enveloping and comforting, this space is accented with golds, creams, and whites with accents of green for punch. The linear lines are long and offset by the gentle curve in the ceiling. Everyone can get comfortable in this room. Now, where’s the popcorn?

Family Room from Houzz

Applying Muted Hues
The muted brass takes on the feel of arms that welcome you back home. Woods and chocolates with small splashes of green, cream, and orange evoke a relaxed sophistication. Pillows, plants, and candles balance the yin & yang of their space.

Hues of Muted Brass from HGTV

The expanse of this transitional room invites people to wander and mingle throughout the space. Deep tones in the sunken room offset by a little cream, brown, and just a punch of orange are balanced with the reversal of colors at the opposite end of the room. The color sculpting and intermittent vignettes help to create intimacy in each area, providing space for exalted treasures. The lighting is well though-out with indirect sun transitioning to spot lights at night. I know I’m ready for friends … The question is, who’s bringing wine?

Frankovitchjm by Houzz

What’s Your Choice?
So tell me, what’s your favorite moody hue: vibrant or muted?

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