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Please pardon any adjustments you may have seen to the Web site navigation the past few weeks. I’ve added a new section Your Home and organized objects, wall art, and added a new series: Your Fine Living Style. I wanted to bring you product and color inspiration to you outside of the already gorgeous products found here on Lisa Stewart.

So, are you looking for a little color inspiration?

Many people ask where I get my color inspiration for my designs. In many cases, it’s travelling. I love color and how different cultures revolve around their traditions with color. After looking through all of my travel photographs, I realize how tremendous those experiences of sight, sound, texture, and taste have influenced my design decisions –all just merely captured in a snapshot.

The new color palette series that can be found is the Archaic Moroccan, a colorway that inspired me as I created the Marrakech Cat journals. When you need a little color help, this palette is just a launching pad for refreshing your home or wardrobe. Feel free to mix and match these color and perhaps borrow a dash of vibrant to your muted -there are no rules here! 😉 Head to the Archaic Moroccan page to read more about how to use the palette and download for your convenience.

Speaking of pads, this image (jpeg) was optimized perfectly for you to store in your iPad for easy access. See how to add image to your iPad now.

Thanks so much for reading.