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Remember when we told you about our fun with costume design last year? Specifically creating super-hero masks for a student film? Well, how would you like your own super hero Volcano Girl mask?

Because we can’t get enough of the movies, we’re helping out Ashley Maria with her Volcano Girl Kickstarter Program this month. You may remember that we sent handcrafted leather bags to be featured in her film along with other elegant products. Ashley tells me that they created the kitchen scene featuring my wine coasters, wall art and more! 🙂 Additionally, when I heard it was about a fallen Super hero, I just had to make her mask!!

Like any start up or small business, Ashley needs funds to market her project to get seen in front of many viewers and gain exposure to future investors. She’s only a few days from her deadline and could really use support from you who enjoy a little bit of super hero fun. With a number of investment tiers, Ashley has created many ways that you can get involved. Eleven (11) pledge opportunities are available and start at only $10.

Where do I fit in? If you want to tap into your own inner hero and want a mask of your own, become a firestarter and invest in The Disguise. For each one of you who invests in The Disguise tier, you will get a mask of your own handcrafted by Lisa -that’s me!!

Ashley and her crew only have a few days remaining before her program expires. Will you help?

Read more about Volcano Girl on Kickstarter.

Thanks so much!
Lisa & Andrew