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Mix Your Picks!

Brewing new totes just for you who love to mix it up at your party: New beer accessories that include six pack totes, Growler Crossbody Totes, & kozies to keep your bottles cold and hands dry.

TIP: After you fill your totes, you can put the whole thing in the fridge -it won’t hurt the leather. It will condensate a bit when returned to the counter for a spell, but just wipe off and return to the fridge. Super easy care!

Mix Your Six!
The time has come for your new leather six pack beer tote. Keeps your beer cool for up to 3 hours -time enough to mix at your grocery or favorite brewery, drive to your party and enjoy.

Three delicious flavors: Black & Tan, Amber Ale, & Stout

Leather Six Pack

Six Pack – For your 12oz bottles -great for general beer lovers.

Leather Four Pack

Four Pack – For your 22oz bottles -great for craft beer lovers.

Growler Totes

Refill your bottle and hang it from your broad shoulders as you carry the picnic basket and lawn chairs. For the 64oz bottles. Great gift for home brewers or local brewery supporters.

Single Beer Bottle Kozie

For those of you who are kozie addicts, we’ve got your number. This leather piece will prevent your hand from warming up your beer before you’re done. The nifty neck snap can work 2 ways: around the neck or secure it to anything (fence post, bike handle) to stabilize while you’re in action.
Two Sizes:
The 12oz bottles are perfect for general beer lovers.
The 22oz bottles are perfect for home brewers or local beer lovers.

Glass Wrap Cuffs

Seriously sleek looking leather cuff that fits around your glass to keep your hands from warming up your beer. I love the way my beer looks in my glass with the cuff… but beer looks good in anything, right?