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Simplicity, Elegance, & Sophistication are the hallmarks of the illustrations within the ECStewart Collections.

Designed with an appreciation for the complexity of life in today’s world, these images, created by Lisa Stewart, are intended to help bring a feeling of calm and tranquility to an otherwise hectic day. The illustrations in the collection present items, objects and animals through pure, refined line work all influenced and inspired by calligraphic techniques from around the world.

Thirstystone Coasters

Designed to appeal to the new luxury market segment through their distinct sense of style, several series have been created within the EC Stewart Collections. These include coffee, wine, pets, woodland creatures, home, holiday, gardening and more. We currently have more than 1000 images in our library and are constantly growing and updating the collections.

Visualize the Flexibility
It Starts with Art
We start with a simple motif, add pattern, add color, expanding your possibilities.

Current Designs
Currently, we have ready-to-use motifs, patterns, and placement designs available for the choosing.

Custom Tailored
If you don’t see something you need, we would be happy to discuss your needs and review successful options together. We enjoy the challenge of matching the perfect artwork to the product.

Our luxury designs are available for a variety of industries -apparel, home decor, paper goods, publishing and more!

Our ever-growing image library is over 500 elegant illustrations and patterns! The elements you find within each series are available for play. Our clients love to experiment with just a few or as many as they like to achieve the best product for their customers!

License Philosophy & Bespoke Product Development
ECStewart Collections artwork is available for license on a variety of product formats with select manufacturing partners.

While we typically work from a master product plan with our current ECStewart Collections licensees, we are also excited to speak with potential licensees who create quality products, understand our brand and envision a powerful partnership with ECStewart Collections.

In addition to our archives, our capabilities extend beyond static imagery to aid your company in the development of a unique product line. Our service background provides the foundation for exciting explorations for a single product or a range of products.

We are open to exploring new relationships with manufacturers that are able to execute outstanding products with exemplary service, who can enhance our brand awareness and current product statements, and who understand ECStewart Collections’ brand positioning. If you feel that ECStewart Collections designs would be a perfect complement to your product, we would love to learn more about your company.

We view our licensing partners as experts in their respective areas of business (creating and marketing great products for your industry), and ECStewart Collections is the expert on our art and brand. We are primarily interested in long-term relationships with market leaders.

Lisa, CreativeGoddess
919 271 0668