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Wow! We were so heartened by our customer’s enthusiasm and zeal for our work that we wanted to share it with you.

Simon from Australia sent us a note asking us to create a Toronto Tablet tote for him. He loved the understated elegance and chose brown leather interior and the MarrakechCats as his image. I didn’t have to nudge him a bit to include his monogram!

Simon’s Finished Bag on Our Worktable

I cannot say enough about how exquisite this piece is. It’s functional, soft, supple, incredibly well made and a joy to hold. It’s almost a pity to use it, but I can’t help it because I am a little vain (as we all should be!). The crafting is superb, you can feel the difference in leather around the bag, it’s hard wearing where it needs to be (at the upper part of the bag for instance where you will be putting things in and taking them out) but so soft on the inside flap. Lisa obliged me in putting my initials on the inside and it’s a treasure that I will use for many years to come. The stitching is fine, I chose the same coloured stitching as the leather and it’s made so carefully that it looks like one had a mathematics and materials expert determine the exact place to put the holes for the stitching to ensure it was not overly visible but did the job required without giving at all. The steel fittings are of excellent quality, very solid – not that they will be subject to any rough treatment in my case but it’s obvious that this can be used as a functional bag as well as a stylish statement. It’s understated, incredibly well made, materials are far higher quality than I think I paid for – Lisa would be well within her rights to charge $600 – $800 for something of this quality. I’ve been to Florence (Italy) and bought some of their best leather – this is just as soft and of the same quality. The difference with Lisa is that I have come to appreciate her work, seen it in production and have a link with this now that goes beyond another bag, it’s been a great experience. I appreciate the work put in to this as anyone else who buys from Lisa will also.

Wow, Simon! We can’t thank you enough for choosing us to handcraft your personal messenger bag. We enjoyed collaborating with you on your vanity project!

Lisa & Andrew