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You’ve been waiting awhile for our neck straps and we’ve been busy in the workshop to bring them to you.

Let’s face it, some of those straps that come packaged with the DSLR can be quite ugly. You’d think the manufacturers who had the foresight to create a beautiful product would extend that to their straps, too. Alas, this isn’t the case. We call this strap fail.

The elegant line of the wrist strap has been extended to bring comfort around your neck. The long and sumptuous 24″ leather is backed with suede to cradle your neck with soft strength and bring peace of mind when taking photos.

After all, you should be focusing on framing your shot, not fighting with your strap.

Check out our new neck straps here.

We hope you’ll love wearing these while you work your magic behind the lens and look stylish, too.

Lisa & Stewart