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Picture your style with a Lisa Stewart handcrafted OOAK leather and suede camera wrist strap.

Focus on framing, not your strap.
With our new camera strap, you can have security, style, and comfort.

Focus on framing your shot while the soft supple suede wrist strap disappears from view. The nylon strap secures your expensive DSLR investment from crashing to the ground as the strong, stylish suede wraps your wrist in comfort and style.

Between us, my husband and I have about 5 cameras and nothing is more important than changing hands securely and easily without all the fuss of unnecessary length. The leather and suede wrist strap keeps you agile and the view free from strap shadows.

When I told my Twitter & FB Buddy, Linda Woods, she exclaimed, “I LOVE the idea of a wrist strap! A wrist strap has been my fantasy camera accessory!”

So, I sent one to her to get honest feedback. When she did receive it, she tweets, “Today I got an item in the mail that I have been fantasizing about since I got my first 35mm camera. It makes up for discontinued mascara.” I think we can all relate to the loss of favorite products.

Photo courtesy of the Awesome Linda Woods

Read more on her blog entry.

After a day or two of using it like a new toy, here’s what she had to say,

I loved the wrist strap the second I got it out of the box. It is beautiful red leather with black stitching- I’d like a pair of shoes like this! I could barely get the shoulder strap off my camera fast enough. The wrist strap was super easy to attach and in a matter of minutes I was on a mini-photo walk in my backyard. It was bright and sunny out and unlike with a traditional shoulder strap, I was not getting any shadows or reflections from a dangling strap in my photos, something that has often bothered me. When I set the camera on the table, the strap was not a messy tangle, it didn’t even take up much more space than my key chain. ~Linda Woods

Often, Andrew and I would have the same messy issues when we were travelling. Invision two people fighting with a camera inside a backpack like a nasty honey badger trying to crawl its way out teeth bared. Never an elegant sight when we’re trying to ‘capture the moment.’ Why didn’t we think of this sooner?

The Hook

We design with Mother Earth in mind. We strive to design products that don’t require extra clips or unnecessary environmental disasters. We included a 12″ nylon strap that is stitched securely to the leather. This includes one single adjustor that is enough to keep peace of mind when out taking photos in the wild.

Using the one strap adjustor on the webbing prevents slippage and accidental drops to up to 50lbs. This means that should the camera slip from your hand (while your wrist is wearing the leather strap), the webbing will snag tight inside the plastic. Be sure to keep enough tail through the buckle while wearing.

I know one thing, I love each one I make and proclaim it to be my favorite. So, please select yours before I hoard them all!!

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If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve restructured the Web site to help you find the treasures you seek. We’ve created a Leisure Section that hosts the guitar straps, journals, and now the new camera straps.

Camera Straps

May each shot you take be gorgeous -and comfortable!
Lisa & Andrew

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