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When Piedmont Craftsmen posted a creative call to their artists, we answered. It’s an opportunity for us as artists to generate a one of a kind piece only limited to imaginations. The theme of this call is “Things with Wings.”

I found myself responding to the call with an idea of doing some kind of DaVinci meets paper air planes mashup on the inside of a techbag. As soon as I thought I was finished with that description, my genius came out of no where and hit me in the back of the head with a frying pan. “Or….” I continued, “I could create a really cool little clutch. Think Mercury’s Wings meet Steampunk.” Nicole responded with intrigue.

Honestly, I had no idea where that came from but I knew exactly how it was to look.

My Piece: “Mercury’s Wings”

With all of the trapping of the subgenre steampunk, this leather clutch includes a tiny compass, magnifying glass, and vintage key. It also includes a small brochure with clues on how to reunite Mercury and his missing wings.

Do you like adventures? If you’d like to learn more about how to solve the riddle, please join us at the gallery -I’d love to meet you.

Things with Wings
Friday, May 4
Piedmont Craftsmen Gallery
Winston-Salem, NC

PS. If you’d like to read a little behind the scenes and a few spoiler reveals, you can read them here on my personal blog.

Goggles On!
Lisa & Andrew