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Never lose a sale with our new SquareUp Reader Pouch.

Or perhaps this should read, “Never lose your tunes with our new iPod Shuffle Square Pouch?”

Either way, this nifty little Square Pouch will port your ability to take credit cards or music in style.

For Entrepreneurs

If you’re running a small business, chances are you’ve got to take credit cards. In this day-in-age, carrying only my debit card is the easiest thing in the world and I prefer that over cash every day -I bet you do, too.

The SquareUp application for mobile devices is taking credit cards by storm. Eliminating the middle man (your bank), this little gem is the easiest solution to your merchant account woes. If you have one, you know it and love it. If you don’t, feel free to read my article on INDIECreatives (link coming soon) outlining the benefits of this square beauty.

Meanwhile, I know all about the burden of managing the whereabouts of my SquareUp device and the issues that come with keeping it tethered as I do business at large.  I could keep it in my cash box but I rarely reach for it, not to mention, it’s inaccessible. I’d rather not run through a crowd of people leisurely shopping my wearable art to the back of the booth just to open the cash box just to get the device. While a great utility, it has the penchant of poking me as I try to hold it or shove it anywhere against my body –a thoroughly unpleasant event to be held in public– trust me.

If I don’t have pockets, where do I put my square?

The solution: The Suede Square Snap Pouch with Clasp. 

If you’re a dog walker, you can clip this to your phone tote. If you’re a piano teacher, an interior designer, an on-call vet, anyone who is typically mobile in their small business will love this attachment to keep their SquareUp device handy.

“After looking at several options on the Web, your Square pouch is very classy.” states James V. a recent purchaser. “I’m going to hang your postcard on our company’s bulletin board for other employees to buy.”

“This is a-dorable!” exclaims Amy, a new devotee of the Square Pouch. “I’m going to hang this on my Tech bag!” Naturally, this systematic approach Amy takes to life is typical as she builds her Fobot army.

The Square Pouch comes in a variety of colors sure to please your preferred color palate (red, green, blue, brown, gold, to start) and are one-of-a-kind as they’re utilizing the scraps from our bigger projects. More importantly, this savvy snap pouch is great to clasp onto anything to keep it safe and stylish –and never lose that sale.

Buy Your SquareUp Pouch Here

Not an Entrepreneur? No worries music fans, we’ve got you covered, too.

Entrepreneurs aren’t the only ones looking for a Square Pouch, according to a recent discussion with my friend Amy, music fans of the iPod shuffle are too. According to Amy, “Husbands have the propensity to ask wives to carry their stuff just because she wears a handbag,” she explains, “and this is why I never carry one.”

I know how she feels. Sometimes, when my husband wears his man bag, I’ll start handing him my two DSLRs, girly supplies, and a half-eaten sandwich to carry –just to see his reaction.

“So, one evening while we were closing up our tent at a recent art show,” Amy begins “Phil asks if I’ll save his mp3 player in my handbag. I point to it sitting in a dark corner of the booth and he tosses it over in that general direction.” Hmm… this doesn’t sound good. “Later that evening, he dumps my handbag out in the middle of the hotel room bed eagerly looking for his tunes,” she continues. “We never found it and I’m thinking he tossed it under the bushes for a dog to find.”

Oh, good luck finding that one again.

Hold This!
Does this sound familiar? “Can you hold this?”

Husbands and kids alike are always going to the matriarch in the family to hold things. “Can you hold my hat? Can you hold my headphones? Can you hold my… (zip! goes the vinyl record needle)” This just in: Mom isn’t your beast of burden, y’all. 😉

For the music buffs in your family, the Square Pouch comes in a variety of colors sure to please anyone. This savvy and adorable pouch is great to clasp onto anything you can find to keep it safe, stylish and off mom. Showing your loved ones how to be self-sufficent is a snap.

Buy Your Square iPod Shuffle Pouch Here

All handcrafted in our Raleigh, NC studio, it’s a seriously sleek solution to maintaining your individual style.

We know you’ll hanging this Square Pouch on your gear.

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