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Announcing: Ladies Night!

A Complimentary Gift Service for our best customers.

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You love our work and you love your mate. However, asking for something beautiful leaves you feeling cold and awkward.

Let us help.

A Sip & Shop Event
Register your wish list with us. When you register your gift selections with us, s/he can shop all year long just for you! Our first event will be next week and I need your help. Please choose which day would be your preferred:

  • Wednesday, December 19th (6-8pm) or
  • Thursday, December 20th (6-8pm)

Vote for Wednesday

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 Vote for Thursday

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As soon as we get a tally, we will let you know what evening has been selected for you!

If You Can’t Make Either Night
That’s okay. Click here to let us know that you cannot make it.

This is a new gift service that we’re offering all year ’round. You are more than welcome to stop by and craft your own registry at your leisure. This will be available to only the people you choose to shop for you. Your privacy is guaranteed.

See you next week!
Lisa & Andrew