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We want to issue a heartfelt apology and grateful thank you to everyone who supported our first Kickstarter project. Unfortunately, after looking at the results to date and doing a little crystal ball gazing into what’s possibly happening in the next 20+ days, we decided that rather then continue with the current project we would cancel it early. This is not the end and we hope to reintroduce the program (with a number of modifications) later in the summer.

Again we apologize for any inconvenience and thank everyone for their support.

Lisa & Andrew

Our Kickstarter Project just launched today and we’re super excited!!

After scripting, filming, editing, adding graphics, and tweaking, we can now reveal our Kickstarter video that was at least 25 hours of painful, yet exciting labor of love.

In order to grow our product line, meet increasing demand and reach a greater audience, we need your help in raising $6600+ through Kickstarter.

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The sooner you pledge, the better we look -and that makes new fans eager to join the party. Please pledge early!

(TIP: We don’t get your money until the project is successfully funded -that’s less than a month from now.)

Thanks so much for your continued support. Please share with your friends!

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Much gratitude,
Lisa & Andrew