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Kickstart Your Way to a Custom Leather Bag

We want to announce that we are launching our first Kickstarter Project!!

UPDATE: Our Kickstarter Project is now live!

In order to grow our product line, meet increasing demand and reach a greater audience, we need your help in raising $6600+ through Kickstarter.

What’s a Kickstarter project you ask? It’s a crowdfunding platform for creative projects just like ours.

Why are we submitting our own project? Because we need a new sewing machine that will help us build better bags and accessories for you.

After nearly a decade of doing a lot with limited resources, we recognize we are stretching the limits of our equipment. We strive to construct impeccable products and right now our dreams extend beyond what our current studio equipment can do.

What’s in it for you? Ohhhh, lots of good stuff. We’ve got a number of positively pleasing products for your pledge. Check ’em out!

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Thanks so much!
Lisa & Andrew

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