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“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Michelangelo


We’re extremely delighted that you love my unique style.We’ve decided to augment our business and share our elegant and sophisticated style by creating logos for you because of the many urgent requests we receive.

Working together, we’ll provide the most elegant, imaginative, and professional ID system you’ve come to expect from us. We’re eager to learn how we can bring you the ultimate solution in well-planned, meaningful design.

A couple things to note:
* As a professional design studio, we will begin by interviewing you and your business plans.
* Planning & developing any logo/ID system takes time -upwards of six weeks or so.
* Because of current and ongoing relationships with our private and public clients, we cannot provide images of our cats and some dogs as part of your logo development.

Theory & Application: The Process of Crafting Your Identity
Logos need to remain crystal clear in their purpose: to succinctly represent the company or event with meaningful wholeness. Illustrations are good framed and hanging on one’s wall.

Typically, my designs begin as clean and elegant icons, thus, lending themselves eagerly to Logo/ID systems. It’s crucial to remember that an illustration makes a logo -not! It takes the experienced designer’s eye to maintain the real objective: Identity. Otherwise, it’s easy to cross the line and begin to begin fanciful illustrations and suddenly lose sight.

Additionally, the logo is only just ‘a part’ of the ID system. When addressing the whole company, integrating and representing every aspect of the uniqueness of your company evolves into a holistic and effective system.

After our interview, I begin to assemble myriad of ideas to highlight and support your business’ brand. Allowing me to rearrange the elements brought to the table during our discussion, strengthens dialog and trust.

I realize that it’s scary to hand over your identity to another -a virtual stranger. As your designer, we’ll maintain dialog throughout the project, keeping you updated, allaying any anxiety you might have.

ID Systems

Please contact us if you remain interested in our design and illustration services.

Lisa, CreativeGoddess
919 271 0668