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Okay, so Mother’s Day is right around the corner.

Have you thought of that perfect gift that she’ll love? No? Well, we’ve got a few unique ideas that I think you’ll like and she’ll love.

Leather Snap Travel Box
Travel buffs will love the portable suede and leather snap box. While it’s too late to order personalized pieces, we still have a few rich pieces to add to her versatile style.  There are at least 3 great transformative ways to use this unique piece:

  • As a snap box to keep things tidy at home or on the road
  • Unsnapped to use as mousepad, or a
  • Coffee pad!

With multi-function style, you can show her just why she’s so special.

Gift Certificate: Build Your Bag Experience
This is not just a gift certificate, this is a two-fer. Seriously. I think you’ll like this!

Your mom deserves a special experience that will allow her to feel like a design queen for the day.

Purchase a gift certificate in the amount of $250 or more and

  • She gets: to help choose the style, patterns, & leather for her new handbag!
  • You get: a handcrafted leather gadget bag or wristlet (value $75) just for your generous gift.

We’ll also break out some bubbly and have a delightful time at the design bar as we design your mom’s perfect leather bag.

For Budget Minded, we’ve itemized a few of our favorites to fit within your budget:

Special Note: We are currently experiencing some growing pains and we will be in and out of the shop all week. If you have any concerns or questions, please call. I plan to be in the shop all day Saturday.

Lisa & Andrew