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New from the studio: Leather iPad Mini Cases

Great gift for the technophile in your life or the geek who can’t be separated from their tablet.

Streamline your style and become the envy of your friends.

Sleek and clean, the Leather iPad Mini sleeve is a perfect case that protects your coveted iPad Mini (or like-sized tablets) in decadent materials. Handcrafted in sumptuous Italian leather with suede interior details, your delicate iPad is safely layered between felt and snapped securely. Tucked in your bag or by your bedside, this accessory keeps you and your tech toy looking great.
Fits many like-sized tablets.

Stop by the shop and buy them in person or order from the site and pick up later.

Lisa & Andrew

PS. For my mother in law, the link to the 2 line description can be found here: