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Inspiration Board: SummerTide
Hand in hand, we found ourselves strolling down a shady street in West Village and happened up a festival. Wearing a shoulder bag, I realized I had to release Andrew’s hand as I gripped the shoulder strap over my chest. I tightened my my shoulder bag against my body as we traversed through the crowds crossing the street.

There’s got to be an easier way to enjoy this new scene without the fear of losing my bag?

Sure, there are pickpockets but they’re not as prevalent in this area as they are in tourist traps (read: Times Square). My concern was dropping the bag off my arm and being kicked by legs as I anticipated gathering miscellaneous contents from the spillage.

New Style, New Strap
When we returned to our studio in North Carolina, we were playing with a new box bottom style design. We wanted to keep the 4 rings at the top for the easy snap clips but we asked ourselves, “what do the straps look like?” Remembering the string art games I used to play as a kid, I began weaving the long strap Andrew gave to me through the rings without adhering to the traditional ways other designers mandate.

And… Voila!

Think of it as two bags in one
Finally! We’ve now designed a crossover that works the way you do. A shoulder bag that fits nicely over and under the arm pit and cinches at the back, keeping the front half open for easy access to your phone, keys, or wallet. When you want to be completely handsfree, just pull the extra-long 4 stitched strap through the front rings to cross once over your shoulder like a messenger bag.

When we showed our new invention to customers in our booth at Artsplosure this year, we heard

“I must do the fit test… oh! This slides on nicely and doesn’t pinch under the arm!”

“This bag fits comfortably over the arm and against the body as a shoulder bag.”

“I love how clever the convertible strap works when I need to be hands free.”

How cool is that? I know I love wearing mine. Plus, like all of our other bags, we design the double strap so that it doesn’t allow the bag to scrape the ground when you straighten your arm!

Roomy while still being sophisticated and smart looking, the Boston Box Bottom Convertible contemporary style allows you to pack your laptop, iPad, magazines, journal, and lunch in this elegant all-leather handcrafted tote with adjustable strap and metal fittings. Calligraphic images grace the front zippered panel pocket large enough to hold passport, map, and your mobile phone.

Some of the totes have hidden imagery on the inside, keeping the outside even more sleek.

So, what do you think? Do you love our new style? Our new strap invention?!!

Tell us!