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Get the Kit for Your Gallery

Get the No Hassle Kit

Would you like to see our handcrafted products without obligation?

We’ve all taken a beating from this nasty economy and I’d really like to get my art into your hands. We’re getting all kinds of recognition (NICHE Finalist) and our customers love the direction we’re taking my work. It’s not just gorgeous, but functional, too!

From papergoods to leathergoods and even jewelry, we (my husband and I) are striving to beat mediocrity with our luxury art and need your help. And yes, we make this all ourselves in our workshop in North Carolina. We’re also very Earth conscience by using low VOCs, soy inks on our papergoods to renewable resources (leather, not vinyl) to craft our products.

See Our Work First Hand
So, would you like a *No Hassle* intro kit from us? It’s easy and hassle free -girl scouts honor!

Includes: One handcrafted leather mobile phone tote
Examine our handcrafted quality and feel the softness of suede between your fingertips. We will include an invoice and give you an opportunity to generate buzz with your customers and sell the item.

If you love it, order more. If not, send it back.

Introductory kit also includes:

-Lisa’s bio, one page, artist statement, & product statement
-Press Releases
-Print Catalogs
-Order Form
-ID/Branding for print & web usage
+CD with all of these items to reprint

Just Say Yes:
Complete the form below (with your snail address) and I’ll send out the kit today! You have nothing to lose.

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you!

Lisa Stewart