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Men love our leather messenger laptop bags -true story!

When Tim came to us because he wanted to replace his TUMI bag, he knew exactly what he wanted. A customer of discerning taste, Tim liked the narrow, slim style of the tech messenger bag and he began with that as his base.

After a few emails, we decided it was best to talk briefly on the phone (imagine using voice to voice as an option!) to get to know one another.

Details! Details!

Comforted by knowing that his laptop and iPad were going to be well protected in his new luxury leather armor, Tim mentioned the premium pens he carries and wanted to protect them. As Tim examined many of the photos on our site -including the Toronto Tablet Tote and past customer photos- he noticed that a satisfied customer had pen loops affixed to his bag.

Jim, a very satisfied customer sporting his new tech bag matching his Audi.

Toronto Tablet Bag featuring pen loops.

Naturally, Tim thought this was a great idea and wanted the same.

After discussing the particulars, we converted the direction of the pen slots vertically and by incorporating the pen loops inside the front tabbed pocket, this sensible change lead to reassurance for his prized possessions.

The enlarged photo of our pen/pocket modifications.

Color Choice

Once the details of function were established, we explored Tim’s personal need for aesthetics.  For a bit of difference, he wanted to add a touch of color not many men would choose as an accent: purple.

Purple! Before you balk at the idea, do you know how grand purple is? The original color was discovered by extracting ink from snails. Purple became the monikor for the Phoenicians, an ancient civilization famed by the Classical Greece and Rome as ‘traders in purple’, referring to their monopoly on the precious purple dye of the Murex snail. Because the source was limited, the rich hue was only available to royalty.

After a serendipitous shopping trip, we found the purple we felt would match Tim’s tastes perfectly. He wanted to add a bit more purple to the bag and we explored some ideas through photo examples and dialog either thru smartphone texting, email, and phone chats.

It’s so refreshing for a guy to choose his own style and not be afraid of color!

Color can be accommodated in myriad of ways. This dual-strap example illustrates how color choices can be applied.

While Tim’s love of purple was explored, he opted out of the dual-strap but loved the hint of purple shown in the cushioned shoulder pad.

Getting Personal

Tim also loved the subtle chromatic flair of the purple peacock that reacts like velvet sheen when moved in light. His monogram sits quietly in a corner -a complementary option while customizing is taking place.

Sneak Peeks!

After cutting and assembling the necessary pieces for Tim’s bag, I sent a few photos via text message to him during the process. This one illustrates Andrew sewing the flap and back together.


Once Andrew completed the bag, we took a few glamour shots of it to send Tim via text.

The Final Act


Bearing Essentials

Also included, is a gadget bag for all of those extra needs like vpn token, couple memory sticks, battery chargers, chords and such.

Naturally, Tim continued the color theme of black and purple reinforcing his personal system.

Complete Set

Tim’s personal tech bag collection

In the end, Tim couldn’t be more satisfied. Read his words for yourself:

“Absolutely wonderful! Thank you Lisa and Andrew for your creative flair. I enjoyed collaborating with both of you on the bag. It was especially nice of you to send pictures of the product as you processed thru it’s creation. I have only used it for a few day and have already had several people ask me where i got the bag from. Thank you again. Warmest, Tim”

We’re thrilled Tim chose us to help him champion his style. I know he’ll love it for a very long time and will look good doing it.

How can we help you lead the league of exceptional gentlemen?

Contact us to get started on customizing your bag.

Warm Regards,
Lisa & Andrew

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