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We’ve got 3 charming handcrafted Bilbao backpacks that are samples from our workbench. With every new product, we craft several versions of prototypes and many of them end up as quality samples. These are definitely special because they’re definitely one-of-a-kind with that handcrafted goodness straight from our workbench. They are still worthy of a home but not the premium price.

Speaking of worthy… a charity near and dear to my passion is The Women’s Center of Chapel Hill. I am donating 10% of the sales proceed to help benefit women and girls to build their knowledge, skills and confidence to become self sufficient. These women really need our help and I would love to be a part of their success.

We would love to give this trio a good home and benefit women and girls through The Women’s Center of Chapel Hill.

Sample #5 – Ready to Ship

Sample #4 – Ready to Ship


Together, we can help.

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Thanks so much for supporting our small business,

Lisa & Andrew