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Realizing that it’s mid-February and my heart surrounds Valentine’s Day (yes, I’m a romantic), I completely forgot to plan my attire for the NICHE ceremony the following weekend. As an artist and designer, I need to be mindful of my brand on a daily basis. Same goes for dresscode, “I am my brand, therefore, I must dress the brand.” Well, at this time, I must dress as a designer who is going to be seen by several influencing decision makers this weekend at BMAC (Buyers Market of American Craft).

Let’s back up a few days… Sunday we had a lovely brunch with friends in Cameron Village where they familiarize us with all things Flying Biscuit. I love southern biscuits with honey and Wow! was this a treat. Two scrambled eggs, moon dusted potatoes, and 2 cups of coffee later, we rolled out of there (no pun intended) with our jeans barely hanging on. Now I know why those gold-miners wore suspenders!

MANdrew and I decided to walk it off and enjoy the 70* day. It.was.gorgeous. It was then I confessed I had not thought of my signature outfit for the event. This is where and when I love this guy. Everyday is Valentine’s Day with this guy as he sweeps me off my studio stupor and says, “Well, let’s go shopping! What are you looking for?”

As you know, I’ve created a few Inspirational Boards in Your Style. These inspirational boards are meant to serve as diving boards for creating your own style persona and I am no different. I describe that I’m playing with a couple of options. I want a great long shirt that falls to my hips that coordinates with my gorgeous ‘touch me’ cropped leather jacket, boots and slacks. Or find a great tulip skirt that swings around my knees revealing my riding boots that coordinate with my my gorgeous ‘touch me’ cropped leather jacket.

We walked into a shop that was a bit too young for me and nothing that really compliments my alternative, creative style. The second shop was very conservative and everything was about Spring. Seriously, why can’t any shops have some Winter attire? It’s February and not all states have daffodils and crocus in bloom! I felt like Goldielocks (say it with me), “The third shop was juuuuust right.”

SoHo store had European designers that were a bit familiar. When we walk MODA, we enjoy being the first to see new fashion trends hit the streets and always look to Desigual for fun and inspiration. At SoHo, we found a selection of skirts that we fell in love with. Since this selection was from Spain, the hostess assured us that they were cut smaller than American sizes. After I got the tight, thick large waistband across my designer hips, it fit just right. Yes, you read that right: a large.

Meanwhile, back in the workshop…
I asked Andrew if he could construct a small clutch purse for me to wear to the awards. What do you think? Do you love the wild color combination in this novelty cross-over?

Our studio will be closed for the next few days. I will try to upload a few photo bombs as time permits.

Take care and enjoy the nice weather!