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We’re not sure if these objects are related to Missing Mercury or his wings. If any of these objects belong to you or if you know the owner of any of them, please contact the authorities straight away.

Over the course of this weekend past, we received an unmarked package with the following objects enclosed:

  • A small key with black cord (we believe it is silk)
  • A tiny magnifying glass with same black cord
  • A postcard postmarked 1936 from an airship called the Hindenberg
  • Small Parchment¬†with several strange rubbings
  • Large parchment with orientation symbols, and strange large industrial watermarks

Please refer to the articles photographed in the image below

Again, we’re looking for the whereabouts of Mercury. If you know any information that can locate both he and his winged sandals, please alert the authorities. We will continue to bring you late breaking news as it arrives.

Thanks for your attention to this matter.
Lisa & Andrew