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Have I mentioned how much I love our clients? That means you! Yes you!

You inspire us to create and when you see everything we have to offer and are capable of, you chime in and suggest something new –and that’s the part we love. Well, that’s only the beginning. When you offer a suggestion, especially when you know that you want it to reflect the personality of someone you love, you continue the dialog by asking if we can create a certain something. That’s the part we love.

For instance, last week a customer came to us asking if I could create a special journal for her daughter who is graduating arts college. She wanted something with a quill and her name. After I designed a quick sketch (thank goodness I already have a few feathers in my proverbial cap!) and showed her my ideas, she loved them. We came to the part of choosing leather for her journal gift and wouldn’t you know it, concurrently, I was going shopping for leather. While the customer was open for options, I told her I had just picked up a gorgeous hide of turquoise. Perfect!

The result is a beautiful quill dipping into an ink well with Eboni’s name highlighted on the jar. This indelible image will be a gorgeous reminder of her ever blooming creativity she conjures each day.

This process seriously gets me jazzed each time you come to me with a new idea. Now that is what gets me up in the morning and makes me stay up late at night.

Thank you!

As a thank you to our Mewsmembers, I want to give you 15% off anything in our store (except original art). Coupon expires June 30th.  Email coming shortly.

Lisa & Andrew

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