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Welcome to Lisa Stewart & CalligraphyPets Gallery Boutique!

Why You’re Here:
After trying new things last year, we realized that the only place you should be is right here at We believe it’s easier to promote, create, and talk to you one-to-one and we hope you do, too.

ECStewart Designs is the umbrella for Lisa Stewart Designs and CalligraphyPets. You’ve come to know and love  CalligraphyPets and keeping the litter close to our home will be a great place to continue our story. As our art, designs, and products evolve, this gallery boutique will be the first place to see it announced.

Thanks so much for following us and remaining loyal, even throughout some of our experimental stages. We may rebel once in a while, but we always come home.

Thank you for bringing Lisa Stewart Designs & CalligraphyPets into your life.

Lisa & Andrew

CalligraphyPets is a registered trademark by ECStewart. All images and names are protected by copyright by ECStewart.