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How do you wear yourself?
We’re creating a new series to help every woman express her personal style with ECStewart accessories.

Based on themes and inspired by lifestyle, the Inspiration Boards will lend ideas on how to cultivate style while wearing accessories designed by Lisa & Andrew.

Inspiration Boards
Outlining each inspirational theme, these confident women showcase their iconic character by the way they wear themselves. In a magazine-like fashion, clues to her personality are displayed in a fun and lively format, borrowing elements from other designers to reveal hidden charm.

ecs-fpf-creativeclass I care deeply that every woman gets the opportunity to express her style through gorgeous wearable art so I custom design unique handcrafted home decor and personal accessories. That way every women I work with gets to enhance her personal sense of style and sophistication. ~EC (Lisa) Stewart

Your Style Inspiration Boards also include highlights of ECStewart showcased pieces with the ability to print out for your library. We’re now adding video to make it easier for you to see the products in a virtual world.

How about you? Please join us and tell us how you’re wearing yourself!
The conversation begins here.

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