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Inspiration: CITYWeekender

Inspiration Board – CITYWeekender

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As a creative weekender, you strive to balance life and your wardrobe reflects that. You’re no lazy wanderer because you know that hunting through your lens whether at play or through the camera, those hidden treasures will be revealed. Inspired by your love of contemporary art and old world style, pack your camera in the roomy compartment of the Bryant Park Italian Leather Tote featuring the Mondrian pattern.

Your scouting expedition has led you to the local bazaar where capturing your inspiration is a must in your Mondrian Moleskine Journal. Oh, the secrets that could spill from these pages if anyone were to snag it. Capturing the sheer enjoyment of dressing up, the Swarovski Columbus Circle Cuffs sparkle around your wrist like stars in the night sky. This contemporary ensemble moves you seamlessly from day to night in sophisticated comfort as the elegantly etched sterling silver feline Bacchus earrings hang lightly from your lobes.

Borrowing from the past, this CityWeekender is a contemporary romantic and isn’t afraid to show it.

How about you? What do you wear as a cityweekender?

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